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Suppliers of Pre-hung Front Door Sets and External & Internal Doors

Wooden External Doors

An extensive range of exterior wooden doors including hardwood doors, white oak doors, glazed doors, french doors, door frames and red oak timber doors also unglazed exterior doors available in all types of timber. Suitable for all entrances as these front doors are available in any design whether a traditional ,classic or contemporary door required
All our external wooden front doors are either mortice and tenon or dowelled with a thickness of 44mm. Bi-fold doors are now available in Hardwood, oak or white pre-finished for a contemporary look.
A Range of external doors compliant with Part 'L' of building regulations to meet the thermal 'U' value criteria for new build (1.7w/m2k)
Part L or approved document L of the building regulations relates to the conservation of fuel & power. Doors in this section have been specifically tested to comply with the goverment requirements & each door carries a U value rating which is the measurement of the rate of heat loss thruogh a material . Part L compliant doors may not always be required for refurbishment but if building control body (BCB) is overseeing your project please check with them re : doors allowed
Installing an External Door: Doors should be fitted square, true & plumb & fixed in accordance with the manufacturers instructions or the project specification. three hinges should be fitted to all external doors, mortice for locks must not be cut through joints in the door framing as this will impair performance of the rail joint. If any part of an external door is cut or drilled remember to coat with suitable preservative. Ideally the door frame should be set well back from outer face of the wall or else protected by a canopy.
A high quality affordable front door is important for 1. Security & 2. For creating an exellent 1st impression of your home
A canopy/porch is advised to preserve the wooden door from the prevailing weather if facing south/south-west elvation
Maintaining your door is essential as it can easily be degraded if constantly exposed to rain or hot sun. Sikkens products recommended

Glossary of Terms:
APETURE: An opening in a door where glass would be fitted
BEADING: The Mouldings that surround a panel in a solid door, or a pane of glass in a door.
CORE CONSTRUCTION: The internal composition of a door e.g. solid/hollow
FINISH: The surface of the door. Doors can be supplied finished(usually with a clear lacquer) or unfinished/natural ( where you are able to apply your own finish)
FLAT PANEL: This is a panel on a door which is not raised, bevelled or profiled.
FRAME: The timber components ( e.g. linings & casings) that are fitted within a wall opening to which the door is fixed
FSC: The Forestry Stewardship Council is an independant organisation that promotes the responsible management of forests worldwide. The FSC standard is recognised globally
HANDING: Predominantly referring to door pairs, e.g. RHA (righthand away) or LHA (lefthand away)
LIPPINGS: These create the door edge and can be reduced in size to fit a specific door opening without exposing the inner core of the door. Solid lippings allow the edges of doors to be modelled to form pairs
MULLION: This is required when fitting an external door with a sidelight
PRIMED: Doors have been prepared with an undercoat ready for a top-coat
REBATING: This makes doors into a pair, by machining a groove into the edges of two doors, to create a partial overlap where the doors meet.
STILE: This refers to the side of the door . Specific terms are hanging stile( hinge side) leading stile ( sides that open into the room) & meeting stile ( door-pairs)
Safety Glass: Glass that is heat treated so that, should it break, it becomes granular and does not create sharpe shards.
VENEER: A thin slice of timber used as a decorative material on the visible face of the door

Delivery of Doors

Our company delivers locally to London and Essex.Kent,Surrey,Hertfordshire,Berkshire,Sussex & Cambridgeshire. All of our deliveries to London and the M25 area are delivered by our own experienced team. With our local deliveries to Greater London and above the specified day each week is Wednesday/Thursday. Our dispatch team work hard to effectively group deliveries together to keep costs down regarding delivery costs. We use smaller vans to be able to access all areas & have fitted state of the art satellite navigation systems. As delivered by our own vans you will receive your goods in pristime condition.
We also deliver doors country-wide via an established courier company. Delivery of doors country-wide is normally within 7 days of order and a specified date can be arranged if required.
The delivery costs for all our doors are shown on the home-page, please contact one of our sales-team if you have any queries with regard to delivery of your doors.

Wooden Internal Doors

Our extensive range of interior wooden doors include white primed finish doors, pine radita doors,white oak doors,white moulded doors, glazed doors, pairs doors glazed and unglazed,pitch pine doors, contemporary doors, pre-finished doors,.walnut doors,and door frames. Suitable for all interiors whether contemporary or traditional , Metric doors also available in a range of timbers. All our internal doors are 35mm thick imperial and 40mm thick if metric sizes.
The supermodel doors boast striking yet understated aesthetics, engineered with precision to accentuate the subtle profiles & intrinsic design features & finished to the most exacting standards,these quality internal doors will enhance the character & ambience of any room & make a stylish 1st & last impression whatever their surroundings from cottage to contemporary barn or new build with their cutting edge approach to design

Glossary of Terms:
ARCHITRAVE: A decorative moulding that surrounds the door, and bridges the gap between the edge of the frame and the wall
BESPOKE DOORS: Doors that are tailor-made to meet individual requirements.Choosing an alternative to the stock doors from the brochure allows clients to request special sizes and alternative designs to match their specific needs
CERTIFICATE: An independant audited prodess to ensure that the fire doors are manufactured to a specific standard
FD30 FIRE DOORS:Doors that have been tested by an acredited test house to ensure that they are able to resist the passage of fire for more than 30 minutes. Likewise FD60 fire doors will last at least 60 minutes
INSERT: Similar to an inlay but usually slightly thicker and it may not be flush with the doors face (front of door)
LIGHT: This refers to the individual panesof glass within a door e.g '2 light' door has two panes of glass
LINING/CASING: Another name for an internal door frame
SEMI-SOLID CORE: The centre of the door is part solid and part cellular components
STANDARD CORE: Standard core doors have a cellular structure inside the door. This means that the door is lighter in weight than solid or semi-solid core doors and is well suited to domestic use

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