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Wooden External Bi-Folding Doors

Aimed at those looking for a new perspective on life and purpose designed to bring an added dimension to any pad it graces, from period residence to ultra modern loftstyle apartment, VUFOLD is far more than just a versatile and contemporary doorset… .it’s a truly inspired lifestyle concept that ingeniously and cost-effectively facilitates bringing the outside into the home and extending the interior to the outside, instantly creating increased “living” space along with a more salubrious environment in which to both reside on a day-to-day basis and entertain.

Despite the ever increasing trend towards outdoor living, it’s a lifestyle that’s proven to be beyond the financial reach of many, as historically, the only real way to attain premium quality, timber framed folding/sliding doors has been to go the bespoke route - but since the emergence of VUFOLD, prohibitive cost is no longer an obstacle. By harnessing the very latest technology, we can consistently deliver a product that compares more than favourably to expensive bespoke equivalents in virtually every way.

Infact, we’re not afraid to admit that just about the only way VUFOLD fails to measure up against a bespoke alternative is in the cost - it really is the epitome of bespoke tailoring at off the peg prices, meaning opting for VUFOLD could literally save you thousands!!

Ideal for patios, conservatories, garden rooms, verandas and balconies etc., VUFOLD doorsets are now available in six different widths - 6’; 8’; 10’; 12’; 14’; 16’; - across each of 3 attractive and fashionable finishes – Oak, Hardwood and White – meaning there’s never been a better time to open out your space and expand your horizons.

With no barriers in your way, your choice of décor style has no limits either - so take a little of the outside in, with wooden furniture and garden ornaments, or bring the inside out with plush soft furnishings - the decision is entirely yours.

What’s more, not only will installing VUFOLD doors add additional charm to your home, it will also add additional value, so whether you’re involved in the new build sector, refurbishment projects or a property developer, they’re clearly the perfect choice financially and aesthetically.


The folding/sliding doors and frames have premium grade Schlegel® weather seals and patented high performance stainless steel folding/sliding hardware with matching pvd chrome door handles. Every door and frame is "double sealed", front and back, to prevent draughts and water ingress.

The bottom of the frame of the standard doorsets has a unique timber/aluminium combination cill design, incorporating an aluminium sub-cill for optimum drainage, and specifically designed for use in external wall installations.

In circumstances where VUFOLD doorsets are to be fitted internally between the property and a conservatory or sunroom, a “flush cill” option affording no drainage, which can be set into the floor to achieve a flush appearance, will be available shortly.

With the timber cill incorporated, the doorsets have been weather tested to BS6375 Part 1.

The doorsets feature 24mm thick Pilkington K Low E Glass Double Glazed Units, which is tempered to the latest tempering standards - BS EN 12600 and BS EN 12150.

“Tempered” means that it is up to five times stronger than standard glass and, for safety, if smashed, exhibits similar properties to a car windscreen, breaking into small pieces rather than highly dangerous shards.

The doors comply with Building Regulations (Part L) and have a thermal rating 1.9 W/m2K. This helps to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer and also helps lower the carbon emissions from the property.
All doors and frame sets are made from engineered timber, including a laminated hardwood core, which provides added stability and reduces twisting, bowing, warping and splitting.

Each access door has a robust, 3-point security locking system, which is engaged by lifting the handle and locked with a turn of the key in the Euro cylinder. Additionally the doorsets incorporate internal drop bolts in between each folding “leaf”, which slide up and down into the timber of the frame. The bottom bolt always locks for increased security.

All sets are top hung, so unlike more temperamental and troublesome bottom roller systems, they won’t jam or stick when slightly clogged with everyday dirt and debris. Whilst “top hung” is mechanically the most efficient method, it means all the weight hangs from the top, so it is imperative that an adequate lintel is over the brickwork opening and that the VUFOLD frame head is securely fixed into the lintel.

The majority of components are pre-machined for ease of assembly.

Frame fixings, special lintel fixings which don’t require rawl plugs, special drill bits and screw driver bits are also included.
( NB - designed for a standard fitting. Some properties, such as timber-framed houses, may need different fixings.) Comprehensive installation instructions are also included.


All VUFOLD doorsets are now fully factory pre-finished with the acclaimed Sikkens range of microporous, clear and translucent woodstains and opaque paints, produced by global giant Azko Nobel.

The key advantage of using microporous, or “breathable” products, is the finish will not peel, crack or suffer from premature erosion of the film if the decorative finish is correctly maintained.
For optimum protection, each VUFOLD set undergoes an intensive 3 stage finishing process.

In respect of the Oak and Hardwood models, the first stage uses Sikkens Cetol SP 520 Base Coat, which is comprehensively applied to every part of the frames and doors, inside and out, to ensure maximum protection.

Stage 2 involves completely sealing the end grain of the wood at the top and bottom of the door stiles and at all joints with special Sikkens Kodrin products.

Finally, two spray coats of Sikkens Top Coat are applied to all surfaces, inside and out, which in respect of the Oak sets is a clear Cetol Filter 7, in respect of the Hardwood sets is Cetol Filter 7 translucent and in respect of the White sets is Rubbol BL Satura.

The final result, in all cases, is a fantastic, durable finish, which affords superior protection and enhances the doors’ appearance.

Depending on location and weather conditions, re-coating is recommended every one to five years, but it is also important to check the finish every six months, and re-coat as necessary, to properly maintain the decorative finish.

For when re-coating is required or should remedial repairs to any small scratches or scuffs be necessary, Sikkens products are widely available from retail stores throughout the UK and ROI.

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