Pre-Hung Front Door

Our Pre-Hung Door Sets comprise of the following items:

All Ironmongery below are available in: Brass, Chrome, Brushed Stainless Steel or Wrought Iron

Please contact our office on: 01702 465439 to complete your order with regard to choice of door and whether door to be hung left or right.
Can be trimmed to size
Can be rebated into pair
Purpose made to most sizes, please email drawing or plan etc
Standard Height: 2067(838 & 762 width), 2118(813 width), 2168(864 width)or 2220(915 width)
Pre-Hung Front Door


Victorian Letterplate size:254x76mm with letter aperture 185x45mm, with an inner flap included.
Choose from: Brushed Stainless Steel, Chrome, Brass or Wrought Iron

Standard Frame

Hardwood or oak frame with threshold & neoprene Draught excluder
Standard Frame


The Threshold at the bottom of the frame is 150x40mm and has a drip groove. The Threshold can be cut to size. Lowline cill is fitted to threhold

Lowline Cill

To comply with Part 'M' which is wheel-chair access, 2 Rubber draught excluders built into the Aluminium Extrusion. Available in Chrome, Brass or Black
Lowline Cill
Satin Ballrace Hinges

Satin Ballrace Hinges

Three stainless steel 4" hinges with 2 ballrace to ensure smooth operation

ERA British Standard Nightlatch

High security, Insurance rated & recommended by the Police, Automatic deadlocking function from outside, lockable inside handle for extra security & anti drill plates to keyhole. 3 Keys.With an escutcheon to pull closed
ERA British Standard Nightlatch
ERA British Standard 5 Lever Deadlock

ERA British Standard 5 Lever Deadlock

10 year guarantee,2 Keys, High security, Insurance rated & recommended by the Police.

Exterior Finish

Pre-Finished Exterior Doors

We can if required pre-finish the door-set for you :
1. The process begins with the door & frame being sanded,dusted & prepared for undercoating
2.An undercoat is then applied using Sikkens/Sadolin products
3. The door is then treated to 3 Topcoats, sanding the door inbetween each coat. Sikkens extra durable exterior is the recommended finish applied in Clear Satin:
PRICE FROM; £150.00 inc vat... Note: Add £50.00 per sidelight
If you just require a protective undercoat to be applied prior to you top-coating:
PRICE FROM: £ 50.00 inc vat
Note: Frame /Frame-kit is included in above price formats

Unfinished Exterior Doors:

Please remember if treating the wooden door yourself to:
*Paint top, bottom & sides of door
* Inside the letterplate apeture
* Behind the locks
* Behind the hinges

Varnish(Boat Varnish)
Natural Oil( Danish Oli, Ronseal)
Water Based Paints.. to coat wooden doors

There are numerous brands on the market and we fear many are formulated to achieve a low market price rather than quality. Be sure to select one to provide a lasting seal between component parts. Avoid the use of water based finishes, using only good quality solvent based finishes that have recognised sealing properties, ensuring that it is fit for purpose for the situation & conditions in which your door is to be fitted. Follow the manufacturer,s instructions carefully and we recommend keeping a copy of the claims made for the product in the event it fails to perform. It is vital all finishing systems are applied equally to both sides and edges at the same time. Rapid changes in ambient moisture are extremely detrimental especially when unbalanced. The application of a base coat stain or a paint primer alone is not deemed to form a seal.
Oak is a byword for strength & duribilty but this should not be confused with the fact it is most vunerable and can easily be degraded if constantly exposed to rain or hot sun. Please re-treat your door regulary & remember top of door & bottom of door need treatment also

How to Measure Up for a new door
For a door to fit well into its frame, careful measurements are vital: A wee known saying..."Measure twice & Cut once" which is useful to bear in mind. If the door is a replacement door YOU do NOT measure the existing door as frames in old house are often out of square & have been trimmed & it is better to tailor your new door to fit the frame

Measure the width of the door
Take Three measurements, at the top ,middle & bottom of the frame rebate. The widest measurement determines the width of the door required

Measure the length of the door
Measure down each vertical side of the frame, again within the rebate, & the longest length determines the length of the new door. Remember to make allowances for any type of floor covering

Door size adjustments
Bear in mind that if your door frame is,nt square , that you may need to plane the door & therefore will have to re-apply finish !!
If new frames are being fitted, try to ensure that the frames are square, fitting the door will be so much quicker if you dont need to plane it first !

Exterior Finish

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